CNC Machinery: Burkhardt

CNC Sawing Plant Machinery

The Burkhardt CSA 598 is a fully automated high-performance sawing plant, which features an integrated work-piece handling facility for seperating building slabs into complex shaped pieces. precise blade + belt combination give you Superb accuracy on cutting mitres. also available with water jet combination.

  • 360˚ Swivel head for automatic mitre cuts
  • Cut optimising software included
  • Integrated vacuum lifter for slabs and sawn pieces
  • Vacuum manipulator for collision-free cutting
  • Bridge saw with rotary head for saw blades 400 mm diameter with swivel head for cutting mitres
  • All axes equipped with servo drives
  • Workpieces will be automatically manipulated for collision-free execution of perfect saw cuts by using suction cups arranged on the machine
  • Available either with a fixed or belt table
  • Integration of drill and rodding unit possible
  • Convenient CAD program for separating workpieces + SIEMENS control
  • Camera-based monitoring including software for optimum utilisation of the raw slabs
  • Automated loading and unloading of workpieces
  • High-bay storage (integrated into a main job management system)

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